My father died and I had got breast cancer 18 months afterwards. I could not handle working in my job as a manager, I was going round in circles, fighting with myself about whether to go back to work or not as I did not have my father to ask whom I’d always turned to for support.

Angie helped me deal with the fact that my Dad is not here anymore and helped me realise that I could make decisions in my life on my own by weighing up the pros and cons. I now feel more confident and less stressed.

I came to therapy at a loss to understand why I acted the way I did. Why it was I felt ruled by negativity, fear and anger. I had tried other therapies but none got to the core of things. I entered this therapy full of trepidation, slight cynicism and admittedly, mistrust. Why would this therapy work where other methods had failed?

The answer lay in trusting both my therapist and myself. Through this, I began to learn to not be afraid of my body, my emotions and my beliefs. That in fact, all three have a right to be listened to and valued. As an individual, I have the right to exist and flourish.

Although I can never change the experiences of my past, I have it within me, the ability to alter my responses to the past. Therapy has taught me to look forward; to see opportunity where once there was only fear, to feel, where once there was only numbness, to speak, when once I was only mute.


Thanks for all the support and help you have given me in the last 6 weeks. It really helped me to understand my problems and put me in the right direction to deal with it……….