Stress is when there is tension within us that is produced by perceived demands from around and within us.

When demands become too great we can feel excessive stress. Some people can manage more stress than others. We all respond to stress in different ways. Acute stress only lasts for short periods of time. Chronic stress is when our stress levels appear to be ongoing.

Some causes of stress:

  • Financial problems.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Work problems.
  • Problems at home.
  • Effects of long term stress on our health:
    • Gastric problems.
    • Muscular aches and pains, backache.
    • Bladder and bowel problems.
    • Headaches.
    • Migraines.
    • High blood pressure leading to heart attacks, strokes.
    • Mental health problems.

We sometimes need help in finding the cause of our stress and why we find difficulty in changing our life style.

Psychotherapy can help you to explore your stresses and how to manage your stress levels by making changes to your life.