We all feel down from time to time which is a normal part of life. But when our sadness won’t go away we may experience depression. Depression is an experience where we cut off from other people and our environment. It is a defence which helps to hold a person together when situations in our lives become overwhelming. We learn to draw conclusions from the responses of other people’s actions which can prevent us from expressing our own inner thoughts.

Signs of Depression:

  • Not enough sleep/too much sleep.
  • Can’t concentrate.
  • Finding previously easy tasks difficult.
  • Feelings of worthlessness/helpless.
  • Loss of appetite/ can’t stop eating.
  • Constantly irritated or angry, this is new to you.
  • Thoughts that life is not worth living.

We can feel sad and depressed about the changes in our life but when we begin to feel engulfed and overwhelmed by them in our day to day life we need help to relieve our symptoms and to give us hope for the future. Talking to a psychotherapist will help you to explore and make sense of these feelings in a safe and secure environment