Counselling & Psychotherapy

What is Counselling?

There is little distinction between counselling and psychotherapy.
“‘Counselling’ consisting mainly of restructuring of currently available resources while ‘psychotherapy’ involves deeper level interventions to make additional resources available.”
(Dictionary of Transactional Analysis, Tony Tilney 1998)


Psychotherapy work is a process that takes place on a much longer term basis and means a bigger commitment from the client.

It enables the client to take the journey and make changes that will
enhance their life.

It is a means of re-learning communications skills (the way we think, feel and behave) by talking through our problems.

It enables you to look at the repeated patterns made throughout childhood, which prevent you from moving on in life.

It is a means of self-discovery with the therapist facilitating.

It allows what is repressed and suppressed to surface.

Changes to be made are made with mutual agreement with the client and the therapist.

The journey is not an easy one.

You don’t have to have a psychiatric illness in order to obtain this form of therapy.

The training periods are different and the psychotherapist is required to do much more personal work.