Confidence Building

Our confidence is built on how we were raised by our parents. We may have had negative responses from our parents that we were bad, which we have internalised. If we have some understanding about ourselves and the way we were raised, then we can begin to make changes. Our beliefs about ourselves have been learnt from childhood, so now we can take the opportunity to learn something new and feel confident.

  • Do you want to believe you are doing what you feel is right for you and not just for others?
  • Do you want to take risks rather than stay in your comfort zone?
  • Do you want to accept compliments rather than push them away?
  • Do you want to meet your goals rather than giving up on them?
  • Self confidence is learnt throughout our childhood from our parents responses.
  • Self confidence fluctuates from day to day and challenge to challenge.
  • Self confidence is built on our own beliefs about ourselves not about the importance of others beliefs about us.
  • Self confidence is diminished if we believe others are more important.
  • Self confidence can be built by having new information and support.

Doing something new may just be picking up the phone and making contact.
Why not take that first step to a new self confidence now?