About Me

‘What good does talking do?’

I’ve heard this question asked on many occasions and I think the only way I can answer it is from my own experience.

My journey started about 18 years ago when I used to hold my thoughts and feelings to myself, allowing my thoughts to go around in my head and then finding it hard to make decisions. I thought that if I shared them then I might be criticised and judged, that no one would take any notice of me, that my opinions were not important. I reached a place in my life when I felt I really needed someone to understand me, to make sense of what I was thinking and feeling. I wanted to feel more confident.

I found a therapist who listened to me and was able to give me an explanation of my thought process. It was such a relief. She explained that my thoughts, feelings and behaviour were patterns that I had created for myself as a child to keep myself safe and that I could change these patterns so that I could move forward and have a more fulfilling life. I wasn’t sure that I believed her at first, and it took time before I began to see any changes. I didn’t always notice the changes, but after a while I would say to myself, “Oh, I don’t do such and such a thing anymore”.

This journey wasn’t easy, in fact it was painful at times. But once I began to see that my life was changing, and I wasn’t repeating some of my old patterns, I began to realise that I could make any changes I wanted. It meant hard work but I was prepared for that, and believe it or not, I began to find my therapy exciting. What else would I discover about myself?

I’ve learnt to include my body and not to leave it out. Our body and mind are not two separate parts of us, they are very much connected and as I began to understand my bodily sensations I was able to make healthier informed decisions. It was through my own therapy and the changes that I made that I decided to change my career from nursing to become a psychotherapist.

I know from my own experience that it can make a difference.

My qualifications include:

Certified Transactional Analyst

Certificate in Counselling

UKCP Registered
Member of the ITA

If you would like to discuss your own situation or find out more about the services which I can offer please call me on the numbers above or email me on:

Email: enquiries@angiemacklincounselling.co.uk