Psychotherapy is a talking therapy. Angie Macklin

I help people to understand why:

bullet We do what we do
bullet We feel what we feel
bullet We think what we think

I also help people to understand:

bullet The patterns we form in our lives and why they are difficult to break without help and understanding.
bullet How breaking these patterns can release us from depression, anxiety, stress difficulties in relationships and many of life’s challenges.
bullet How psychotherapy can teach us how to communicate.
bullet How having a confidential space we can feel free to share our inner most thoughts and feelings that we feel we cannot share with friends and relatives.
bullet Confidence Building

Don’t sit with your thoughts talk about them!

Don’t hold onto your feelings share them!

Don’t do what you’ve always done, do something different.

Start and do something different by reading further and making contact.

Contact details

I work from:

bullet Glossop, Derbyshire, High Peak and within easy reach of New Mills, Hayfield, Chinley, Hyde, Ashton Under Lyne, Stockport, Offerton, Bramhall and Buxton.
bullet Worsley, Manchester and within easy reach of Bolton, Wigan, Leigh and surrounding area.